PIVET Medical Director, Professor John Yovich is widely acknowledged for his pioneering work in In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) resulting in Western Australia’s first IVF baby delivered in 1982 and the establishment of PIVET Medical Centre.

PIVET was a pioneer unit and meant Western Australia was the second state after Victoria to generate IVF pregnancies.

Professor Yovich introduced many other unique modalities to assist infertile couples including micro-surgery, the use of ultrasound for the reproductive system in males & females, the introduction of new rapid hormone assays and pioneer work in advanced laparoscopic surgery for pathologies in the female pelvis – including fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis and pelvic adhesions.

Professor Yovich established Australia’s first independent and free-standing IVF facility, PIVET Medical Centre in 1981, which he still heads as Medical Director, along with Cairns Fertility Centre (Queensland) which he established in 2009.

Most recently Professor Yovich was appointed Adjunct Clinical Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin University.

Professor Yovich has published extensively on wide-ranging areas of reproductive medicine, recently reporting on growth hormone use to improve oocyte quality and advanced gonadotrophin algorithms to safely optimise pregnancy productivity rates.



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Pivet Medical Centre

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